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Future South African success stories start here.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. While our limited edition prints tell any number of unique South African stories, the most important one is always about the lives they changed.

You see, 50% of the proceeds from selling our prints go towards the construction of the Mdumbi Community Education Centre in the rural Eastern Cape.

That’s why the first chapter in our story is all about giving this community the helping hand they need to write their own narrative – one that provides them with a better chance of succeeding – through education.

Ubuntu Images is a story you now have the chance to help write.

And one that more and more people are excited to hear every day. As we gain more momentum and acquire further funds, we’ll be able to launch additional projects to uplift other communities around South Africa too.

We Support

TransCape NPO

Mankosi Community | Nyandeni District |Eastern Cape | South Africa


We are working with TransCape to construct the Mdumbi Community Education Centre,
complete with a preschool, aftercare facility, computer hub and library.

TransCape was registered as a non-profit organisation on 4 December 2004 with South Africa’s Department of Social Development.


It is an initiative that successfully helps the communities of the Nyandeni sub-district to tackle their significant health, social, educational and economic challenges.


TransCape works closely with members of the Mankosi community and the Nyandeni district to develop the local area in an eco-friendly way that benefits the community.

, computer hub and library.



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50% of profits go towards the construction of a Community Education Centre


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